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IREC Conferences archive links

IREC Conferences archive links


IREC - Industrial Relations in Europe Conference hosting institutions

IREC 2010 - FAFO, Oslo, Norway

IREC 2011 - QUIT, Barcelona, Spain

IREC 2012 - CIES-ISCTE/IU, Lisbon, Portugal

IREC 2013 - SNSPA Bucharest, Romania (this website)

IREC 2014 - Eurofound Dublin, Ireland

IREC 2015 - University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Call for papers)

IREC 2016 - Izmir University of Economics, Turkey

IREC 2017 - University of Warsaw, Poland

IREC 2018 - KU Leuven, Belgium

IREC 2019 - ZiF Center for Interdisciplinary Research Bielefeld University, Germany

IREC 2020 - Tampere University, Finland